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Onboarding Direct Mail Pieces and Emails

Project Description

To enhance Bank Fund Staff FCU’s onboarding efforts, custom direct mail and email pieces were developed. In the final pieces, both the images and the headlines played off each other, conveying a central theme for each product offer. Selected images were eye-catching, and the copy was kept succinct and playful to draw the reader in.

A mix of top-fold direct mailers, postcards, and emails were created and loaded to Bank Fund Staff FCU’s online account for ongoing editing.

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Our online direct mail module lets you edit pieces for free, manage orders, and approve distribution all while spending about 15 minutes per mailing.

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Sending email is fast, easy, and effective using our email module and Advertising. Change images and copy, upload custom HTML, manage distribution, and access tracking all from a secure account.

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We’re more than just collateral management platforms. We leverage our technology when the occasion calls for it, but more than that we have a full suite of marketing services under one roof.

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